15 Facts about Russia

1. Russia is the biggest country in the world, its area is more than 17 million sq. km. The country is located in Eurasia.
2. Russia occupies about one-third part of the territory of Eurasia. 24% of the country’s area is located in Eastern Europe, and the remaining 76% — in Asia.
3. The Siberian Taiga is the biggest forest area in the world
4. The area of the Siberia in Russia consists about 9% of the total land area of the Earth.
5. Russia borders with 18 countries (Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, North Korea, as well as partially recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia, there is also a Maritime border with Japan and the United States).

Moscow; Photo by cattu

Kerch; Photo by Romario99

Moscow City; Photo by yurchin

6. There is the deepest and oldest lake on the Earth – Lake Baikal, in Russia.
7. Moscow is the capital of Russia. The population of Moscow is more than 12 million people. The first note about the city is marked by 1147.
8. There are more than 190 nationalities living in Russia, speaking different languages. Only seven nationalities have a population of more than 1 million people – Russians, Armenians, Bashkirians, Tatars, Ukrainians, Chechens and Chuvashes.
9. Russian is the official language of Russia, but it uses on an equal basis with other languages, which they’re more than 150 in the country.
10. Kerch is the oldest city in Russia. It was founded more than 2600 years ago, in 610 — 590 BC

A Quiet Day in the Bay Sosnovka on Lake Baikal; Photo by Anton Agarkov

Rhododendron dauricum; Photo by Valery Maleev

Sakha Republic (Yakutia); Photo by Vladimir Ryabkov

11. The lowest recorded temperature in Russia is -67.8°C and the highest is +45.5°C
12. The coldest permanently inhabited place in Russia is the village of Oymyakon with population 4000 people, located in Yakutia. In 1933, the temperature in Oymyakon dropped to -67.7°C.
13. The highest peak of Russia and Europe is Elbrus, it raises for 5642 m.
14. The distance between the borders of Russia and the United States in the East is only 4 km.
15. There are 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation: 22 republics, 9 krais, 46 oblasts, 3 federal cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol), 1 autonomous oblast, and 4 autonomous okrugs.

Mount Elbrus; Photo by ayhsafari0

Aleutian Islands; Photo by skeeze

My Favorite White Deer; Photo by Sergey Anisimov